The latest rage in self-development circles today is a CD and book called “The Secret.” People have been on Oprah and Larry King promoting the concept of the powers in the universe. The basis of success, according to “The Secret,” is a law in the universe called “The Law of Attraction.”

The hype surrounding this new rage is very enticing. Claims include that Plato, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo, Napoleon, Beethoven and many other famous people discovered “The Secret” and as a result, they accomplished great things. Discovering “The Secret” creates a transformation of life, according to those who are promoting the book and CD.

The CD and book reveal amazing real-life stories attributed to “The Secret,” including healings, massive wealth, meeting challenges head-on and achieving incredible results.

“The Secret” was discovered by Australian Rhonda Byrne, and she says that if you follow its philosophy, you can create the life you want. “The Secret” is the law of attraction, which is the principle that “like attracts like,” and is professed to be the most powerful law in the universe.

Accordingly, we create our life based on what we think about and the choices we make. Rhonda Byrne claims that the choices we make are fueled by our thoughts. That means our thoughts are the most powerful thing we have on this earth. Certainly, it’s hard to argue with that. It is well known that we have only learned to use just a miniscule amount of the brain that God gave us.

Is this any different than “The power of positive thinking”?

I’ve always lived my life on the positive side of thought, even when times were tough. Bluebirds and cartoon characters follow me wherever I go. Positive thinking, goal setting and affirmation have been talked about for decades. There is no doubt that there is power in your thoughts. The question becomes, do your thoughts really attract what you are thinking?

I always believed that thoughts without action are simply daydreams.

I have come in contact with numerous people in my life who had tremendous thoughts about wealth, prosperity or some grandiose new idea. They all kept waiting for their ship to come in - and yet, their ship never made the harbor.

Let's get real.

If your ship misses the harbor, it’s rarely the harbor’s fault. So no matter how much hype, no matter how much marketing expertise goes into selling you on “The Secret,” whatever you think about will only take place if you take some kind of action along with your thoughts. Without action, it’s wishful thinking.

Think positive and always find the good side of every situation.

Thinking positive, feeling good, loving life, having faith, giving to others and believing in yourself is what will create success in whatever you do.

The key is, you must do something. I am not disagreeing with “The Secret” in thinking that positive thoughts and feeling good will attract positive things in your life. I believed that long before I ever heard of “The Secret.” In fact, I refuse to even associate with negative people and the naysayers of life.

However, I am also saying that you must act on your thoughts. Turn those thoughts into goals.

There is power in goal setting.

Goals can take those thoughts and give you direction in your life - a destination and something you strive to achieve which causes you to take action. This puts you in control of your life. You make the choices. That is what will make you get what you want from life. Once you start achieving your goals and reaching different milestones that you have personally established, the sense of accomplishment becomes the fuel that allows you to reach higher and farther.

Everyone needs a purpose and direction for his or her life. Only you can control that direction. It doesn’t just happen. It starts with your thoughts, but you must back up those thoughts with action. Don’t let others set the direction in your life. It belongs to you. Establishing goals will create focus and motivation to succeed. Having a purpose and direction in your life relieves stress. So establish your goals - write them down and carry them with you at all times.


No matter how dark your past, there is nothing more powerful than your own thoughts, your own purpose and your own direction. Thoughts are the brilliance that illuminates your passion and your desires. It is that passion and that desire that create action. When you have goals, you can direct that action toward something specific.

No matter where you are today, change is possible. You cannot afford to be uncertain. Release the power of your thoughts. This can change your perspective and it will allow you to attract opportunity because of the awareness these thoughts create. (Could this be the law of attraction?)

A new direction is sometimes all that we need to eliminate confusion and create certainty. Life is lived in the present. Although we should never forget where we came from, living in the present and looking to the future is the catalyst for success. If you can understand this reality, then you can turn challenges into opportunities.

What about “The Secret”?

So, is “The Secret” really a secret? Not really. The concepts have been around a long time. Some people find them in their faith. Some find them in scripture and some find them deep down inside their innermost thoughts through meditation.

Yes, “The Secret” can help you help yourself. But don’t think for a minute that it will happen just by thinking and that the law of attraction will bring you everything you want. Your thoughts are powerful, but they become absolutely amazing when you back them up with action and faith.