Established: 2003

In 2003, two wholesale trade organizations - Northamerican Heating, Refrigeration & Airconditioning Wholesalers (NHRAW), founded in 1947, and Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Wholesalers International (ARWI), founded in 1935 - consolidated, to become HARDI.

It represents over $18 billion in HVACR sales by 450 distributor companies, including 17 international companies selling largely to residential and commercial contractors, plus over 300 manufacturing associates and nearly 140 manufacturer representatives.

HARDI is the HVACR industry's only distributor trade association. Its distributor membership is comprised primarily of North American companies, but includes members in Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. HARDI's associate memberships include equipment and supplies manufacturers, manufacturer reps, service vendors and marketing/purchasing groups.

It is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of five officers, eight regional directors, two supplier advisors, one manufacturers rep advisor and the executive vice president/COO.

Mission Statement
HARDI's mission is to ensure that wholesale distribution is the most profitable, efficient and effective method of supplying the HVACR market through education, services, advocacy and the exchange of ideas.

Notable Achievements

  • Launching HARDITek, HARDI's initiative to use technology to remove costs from the supply chain for its distributor and manufacturer members.

  • The Counter Certification Program in 2005, and this year producing its first Certified Counter Specialist.

  • Eclipsing 36,000 students of the Home Study Institute (originally accredited in 1969) with over 1,000 new students in 2006

    Current Priority Projects

  • Establishing an industry coalition to promote proper refrigerant reclaim practices.

  • Broadening international understanding of the value of HVACR wholesale distribution.

  • To provide even more solutions for the greatest challenges facing distributors and their partners.

    A Word With…Donald L. Frendberg, Executive Vice President/COO of HARDI

    When asked what's in store for 2007, Don Frendberg said, “HARDI is forward-thinking, nimble, vibrant and poised for continued growth. Being the single voice of HVACR distribution has provided many opportunities but also many challenges because HVACR distribution encompasses so many market and product specialties making our membership and areas of influence extremely diverse. We strive to enhance the success of all HVACR distributors and their most supportive partners, so we are becoming an association of customized solutions.

    “Additionally, it is important now more than ever before that the entire industry work together to address its challenges so we've been very proactive in building alliances with other associations like ACCA, ARI, ASA, GAMA, NATE and RSES, as well as overseas. Distributors are a vital link between global manufacturers and local customers so a diverse wholesaler's association like HARDI must continue to lead in the delivery of market knowledge, education and channel efficiency.”

    Current Leadership

    Bill Shaw
    Standard Supply & Distributing Co. Inc.

    Mark Faessler
    Progress Supply Inc.

    Randy Boyd
    A/C Supply Co.

    William J. Barnett
    Boutette & Barnett Trade Distribution Centre

    Randy Tice
    APR Supply Co.

    Donald L. Frendberg