Established: 1886

The Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) has been serving the unique needs of its members for more than 100 years by focusing on three main areas: education, advocacy, and relationship-building. Through commitment to continuing contractor education and provision of ongoing high-quality educational materials and programs, MCAA assists its members in achieving the highest level of leadership, managerial and technical expertise.

MCAA includes the Mechanical Service Contractors of America, the Plumbing Contractors of America, the National Certified Pipe Welding Bureau, the Mechanical Contracting Education & Research Foundation (MCERF), and the Manufacturer/Supplier Council.


MCAA's approximately 2,300 member firms are leaders in heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing, piping and mechanical service. Manufacturer/suppliers are full contributing members of MCAA and MCERF. Led by its board of directors, MCAA's programs develop directly from a number of member-driven committees. There are 24 members of the MCAA board of directors. Five of them serve as the association's executive committee.

Mission Statement

To always exceed our members' rising expectations by responding quickly and creatively to our members' needs and challenges, by striving to increase the return on their investment, by embracing change and by capitalizing on new opportunities.

Notable Achievements

  • Providing targeted education to anticipate and meet the needs of its diverse constituencies.

  • Maintaining excellent working relationships with other key industry stakeholders.

  • Advocating on behalf of member interests with regulatory and legislative bodies.

    Current Priority Projects

  • Exploring emerging industry trends - like the green building movement - through MCERF-supported research projects.

  • Educating members on future business opportunities these trends can offer mechanical construction, service and plumbing contractors.

    A Word With…John R. Gentille, Executive Vice President/CEO of MCAA

    When asked what's in store for 2007, John R. Gentille said, “In many ways, the programs and initiatives we pursue reflect the increasingly competitive nature of the mechanical construction and service industry. Margins are tighter, owners demand enhanced productivity - often on compressed schedules - and MCAA members now often must reach for new methods and strategies for maintaining, and increasing, their success in the marketplace. Because change is constant, MCAA's services constantly evolve to meet both our members' expressed needs and the changing contours of the industry as a whole. Our 2007 convention, in fact, is devoted to the theme: “Meeting the challenge of change.” We believe we serve our members best by continuously identifying and capitalizing on the opportunities inherent in change.

    For instance, just last year, we rolled out a publication that explored methods and attitudes that could transform a typical supply chain into what we call a “value” chain. In this, we were materially assisted by MCAA's manufacturer/supplier members, many of whom not only contributed to the research, but also were active in disseminating the groundbreaking information.”

    Current Officers and Staff

    Michael Cullinane
    Bert C. Young & Sons Corp.

    David J. Kruse
    L.J. Kruse Co.

    John B. Wilhelmi
    Waldinger Corp. - Omaha

    Lonnie Coleman
    Coleman Spohn Corp.

    Stanley Berger
    Arista Air Conditioning Corp.

    John R. Gentille