Gustave A. Larson announces the winners of its annual supplier evaluation

Gustave A. Larson (Pewaukee, Wis.) announced the winners of its annual supplier evaluation. Winners received the 2004 Partners in Excellence and Quality (PEAQ) Award at a dinner held May 19. Pictured from left are: Karl Larson, chairman of the board, and Sue Sinclair, senior VP/CIMO, both of Gustave A. Larson; Doug Johnston, DuPont; Paul Graham, Research Products; Ken Rothgeb, Heatcraft; Chuck Gates, RenewAire; Robert Pierce, Nu-Calgon; Andrew Larson, president/CEO, of Gustave A. Larson.

The company held a second awards dinner on June 15 to honor the top supplier salespeople by region for 2004.

Pictured from left are: Sinclair of Gustave A. Larson; Keith Rinderknecht, RAC Sales (North Central region); Ron Rizzo, DuPont (Great Lakes region); Bob Schindler, Sporlan Valve Co. (Rocky Mountain region); Dan Thompson, Lennox Hearth (Great Plains region); and Andrew Larson. The criteria used to evaluate the sales personnel include quality of sales calls, product knowledge, communication skills, and accountability.