Gustave A. Larson Co., based in Pewaukee, Wis., announced its yearlong training schedule for 2005, which includes both management and technical training. The Business Development Resources training series will include:

  • Owning the Sales Process (March), which teaches dealers how to generate and manage sales;

  • Top Gun - Installer Excellence (April), which covers installation and customer satisfaction;

  • Structuring for Profit & Growth (September), which teaches the principles and processes of a profitable heating and cooling business;

  • Creating a Strategic Business Plan (October), which provides tools to develop mission, vision and value statements, as well as a five-year business plan;

  • Labor Management (December), which covers the opportunity cost of lost labor hours and how to leverage existing employees into a revenue-generating team.

The wholesaler will host North American Technical Excellence (NATE) refresher courses, core service exams and specialty exams throughout the year. It will also host the ACT Group Boot Camp in LaCrosse, Wis., April 4-7 and Sept. 26-29, where participants will learn how to sell top-of-the-line replacement systems.

Other programs include a three-day Success Workshop in May covering management skills for owners and customer service skills for technicians and a Financial Management 1 workshop about the calculation of direct labor and vehicle costs, pricing of all installation, and other expenses.