OBITUARIES ...Joseph Henry (“Big Joe”) Morales II

Joseph Henry (“Big Joe”) Morales II, 80, died June 19. He began his career as a union pipe fitter in New York City during the 1930s, then in 1957, he founded the Nashville, Tenn.-based, J.H. Morales Sales Co. His agency launched companies in the South including Hercules Chemical, Red-White Valve, Kitz, Willard Lead and Brady Pumps, but he is probably best known for his contributions to the success of Fluidmaster. He is survived by his wife, Grace, and 10 children, including industry veterans Jeff Morales of Delta Sales, Joe Morales of Silverlake Marketing, Mike Morales of LSP Specialty Products and Tim Morales of Tim Morales & Associates. “Big Joe's” legacy includes 21 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. He was a decorated veteran of World War II. Donations may be made to the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund, which supports the children of fallen soldiers. Mail to: 22570 Markey Ct., Suite 240, Dulles, Va. 20166 or visit: www.freedomalliance.orgscholarship.htm.