Robyn Waters, president of RW Trend, LLC, a trend consulting company, discussed the transformation of bathrooms from basic utilitarian rooms to spa-like retreats and getaways in a presentation for designers, remodelers, architects and other industry professionals. The event was hosted by Basco, manufacturer of Celesta Luxury Glass Enclosures, in September. Waters identified her top 10 bathroom design trends accompanied by photos of Celesta Enclosures and other bathroom luxuries, as well as other relevant industry information.

“We wanted to provide industry professionals with the latest cutting edge information about what consumers are looking for in new bathroom design,” said George W. Rohde, president of Basco. “Robyn has traveled around the world witnessing and identifying the latest trends firsthand. Her presentation provided insight on what the design community needs to know to best serve the needs and desires of their clients.”

Basco introduced Celesta Luxury Glass Enclosures to offer homeowners a turnkey solution to transforming their bathrooms into a luxury retreat.

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