The ASA Political Action Committee has always had a good record of supporting candidates for Congress, but it has never before scored 100%, until this year! Over the two year election cycle, the ASA PAC raised almost $40,000 in support of Congressional candidates who are supportive of our business community's interests.

On November 2nd, every one of the 34 candidates who received ASA PAC funds were victorious in their elections! That means that our chances of moving forward in 2005 with favorable, proactive legislation will be that much stronger.

Yes, there are other pro-business PACs. But there is NO other professional lobbying organization or other group dedicated to watching out for the PHCP/PVF distribution channel like ASA is. And our PAC is just one more way that our voice is strengthened.

For information about ASA's PAC or our government affairs agenda, contact Inge Calderon at or phone 312-464-0090.