A highly competitive, profitable distributorship demands these key elements:

A smart, well-trained distribution team...

ASA offers top-notch training programs to help you leverage your most valuable asset - your team of professionals. Be sure they have the training and skills development they need.

  • ProductPro™ product knowledge courses & certification

  • Essentials of Profitable PHCP Distribution course & certification

  • Employee Tool Kit, including job description templates & evaluation tools

  • Customer Service programs

  • Sales Training seminars

  • Management Development Institute

    Using profit-building tools...

    The right information and support you need is at your fingertips within ASA, including industry benchmarks, performance ratios, a standardized database, info on raw materials, and much more.

  • Annual Operating Performance Report featuring 23 critical ratios

  • Industry Database (IDB), a standardized repository of product information

  • Catalog Builder to help prepare cost-effective marketing pieces

  • Materials Market Digest, with raw materials pricing and demand trends

  • Compensation reports, with local comparisons

  • Membership Directory to help stay in touch with vendors and peers

  • Insurance programs to help manage risk

    To run an effective operating system...

    ASA offers a variety of sources for benchmarking your company's performance and the performance of your trading partners, as well as profiles of best practices in our industry.

  • Business partnering benchmark studies

  • High Performance Partnering Guidelines

  • Operating ratios (Annual OPR)

  • Networking opportunities throughout the year, regionally and nationally

    To exceed customer satisfaction according to a profit building plan...

    Through ASA and our regional affiliates, and the networking and industry intelligence that are derived from our programs (like Network '05), you can strengthen your leadership in your company and your marketplace.

  • ASA Convention to meet with vendors, customers and peers

  • Regional conventions

  • Regional & local training programs

  • ISH North America trade show

  • Industrial Piping Division

  • Young Executives Division

    In a fair market environment...

    By ensuring that your needs are represented, ASA helps maintain a fair market environment through our activities in Washington D.C. with our lawmakers and regulatory agencies.

  • Legislative initiatives (i.e., repeal of Estate Tax)

  • Regulatory watchdog (i.e., OSHA, DOT, etc.)

  • Washington Update newsletter

  • Legislative Alerts and task forces

  • Political Action Committee