Prophet 21 has released an enhanced version of Knowledge Management Center for CommerceCenter. Version 3.5 features easy access to turn and earn data, the ability to track sales by order taker ID and the ability to view open quotes. Knowledge Management Center quickly summarizes sales, inventory, accounts receivables, accounts payables, and open orders. Graphs provide views of top GMROI and turn and earn percentages, helping distributors focus on what's moving. This enables distributors to optimize inventory investments by tracking fast- and slow-moving items and improving buying decisions.

There are many other features to the new version. Users can track sales by order taker ID to help view each salesperson's sales dollars and profits. They can also filter sales data to include or exclude freight charges, order, manual credit or debit memo data.

The Knowledge Management Center runs on CommerceCenter, a Windows-based, SQL Server solution, to manage inventory.