Prophet 21 released Knowledge Management Center 4.0, the latest version of its executive information data warehouse software. The new version includes features that enhance ease-of-use and administration. New features also include security settings that allow the administrator to apply security to certain areas and reports as well as a new interface. The software runs on the Windows 2003 server.

Knowledge Management Center quickly summarizes sales, inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and open orders, calculates turns, and allows users to set alerts whenever an activity falls outside a predetermined range.

According to Joe Ragan, vice president and COO of General Pool and Spa Supply (Cordova, Calif.), it allows the company's president to pull his own reports quickly and easily. “While we may want to see the same data, sometimes we want to see that data in different ways,” he said. “So the reports I used to run would only reflect how I wanted to see the data.”

It also allows Ragan to focus on proactively managing the company, instead of running reports. “I used to spend about 40 hours per month developing reports,” Ragan said. “Now, I spend almost no time at all on that task.”

In other news, Prophet 21 is hosting several free demonstrations on CommerceCenter, enterprise software, this summer around the country. Visit to view a list of cities and dates of the demonstrations.