Recently, we asked some of our members why they belong to ASA. We thought it was time to “refresh” our approach in the industry so that we could recruit new member companies with the best possible value proposition.

What we found is that we appear to be doing a good job of addressing the needs of our members who participate in the association's programs. But (and this is no surprise), those who don't attend our meetings or take advantage of the educational programs don't necessarily derive the same value.

Here are just a few of the comments we received:

“Red Man Pipe & Supply joined ASA and the IPD group for the networking and to glean industry knowledge from the manufacturer and distributor best practices. ASA is the best industry organization that we have found for general PVF discussions, and we're hopeful that more manufacturers and distributors will join the IPD group to continue to add value to our membership”

- Dennis Niver, Vice President, Purchasing & Alliances, Red Man Pipe & Supply, Tulsa, OK

“Membership in trade associations for executives is a key element in building their 'Personal Capital,' which is the value above and beyond what your company and your products/services provide to customers. Personal Capital consists of people you know, knowledge you have, skills you obtain, experience you've gained, insights you've developed and personal traits you exhibit - all of which make you valuable as a business resource to customers.

“To gain more Personal Capital you must get out of your comfort zone; read more business-oriented articles and books, immerse yourself in your customers' world, and learn more about your own company and your competitors. You must meet more people and get involved in your industry. What better way to do this than through ASA?

“As your source for education, technology and government advocacy, membership in ASA will maximize your Personal Capital and your company's bottom line.”

- Jill Hurd, President/CEO, All-Tex Supply, Dallas, TX

“Some members have said that ASA is like a three-legged stool: I feel it's more like a four-legged one, offering education, technology, government involvement, and maybe even more importantly, camaraderie and networking.”

- Bob Riggs, Vice President, Operations, Express Pipe & Supply, Anaheim, CA

“I see ASA's value as a great networking environment that allows me involvement in conversations not going on at the buying groups. Discussions on ongoing education and technology involving both the manufacturer and the wholesaler allow for the channel partners to work together to reach mutual goals.

“The Vendor Member Division provides a great roundtable to discuss key industry issues with other manufacturers. Market trends, political issues, etc. are all great subjects being addressed by this group.”

- Dennis Broderick, Sr. Vice President, Sales, In-Sink-Erator, Racine, WI