Here are the top 10 products run in Supply House Times during 2003. These products captured the most attention from our readers, according to the number of inquiries we received. For more information, please use the reader circle numbers below and return the postage-paid card in this issue.

1. RTI

ThermalBoard™ is a modular radiant heating system employing a thermally coated composite wood product, factory grooved to accommodate 3/8-inch PEX tubing. The PEX tubing is secured in the groove for quick, efficient heat transfer. ThermalBoard™ is easily attached to new or existing floors walls and ceilings; and is ideal for any finished floors.

2. Waterless Co. LLC

The No-Flush™ urinals work without water or flush valves for high-traffic commercial facilities. The fixtures install to existing 2-inch waste lines. Each urinal saves about 45,000 gallons of water/sewer per year. Suitable for both retrofit and new construction, they are ADA compliant, LEED applicable, and meet ANSI standard Z124.9.

3. Wilki Products Co.

The Dutch Finger is made in the United States with aircraft aluminum, a galvanized steel center and neoprean rubber ends. It can be tightened by hand, inserted in pipe with liquid flowing, used as a test plug and inserted through a full ported ball valve, gate valve or union. It is compact (1/2-inch and 3/4-inch), tested to over 100 psi and available in other sizes upon request.

4. Hydronic Alternatives

The RadiantPanel Baseboard is an alternative to conventional fin-tube baseboard radiation and can be installed in any room. It uses an aluminum panel (about 5-inches tall and 1-inch wide) for a mop board effect, which is powder coated for a tough finish.

5. Sioux Chief Mfg.

The new Add-A-Line full-slip valve tee assists in adding a water line. Add-A-Line's brass ball valve replaces saddle valves that leak and clog. It is available with four different valve connections and either compression or sweat full slip trunks. The sweat models are brazed for safe soldering.

6. Dallas Specialty & Mfg. Co.

This catalog includes the line of flexible PVC pipe couplings, cleanout caps, plastic valve and meter boxes, shower drains, closet flanges, shower pan liners and other plumbing specialty items.

7. Danze

The company's expanded 2003 showerhead line offers more than 25 styles of showerheads in a variety of popular finishes. Also offered are complementing shower arms in nearly 10 styles. Among the items is a 7-inch spinning showerhead.Five pods mounted in the center massage with water power as they spin.

8. Sterling

The radiant panel ceiling systems are available in three basic types: linear for wall-to-wall installation, modular for installation in standard t-bar ceiling grids, and security for use in institutional and correctional facilities. These factory-assembled radiant panels are pre-cut to exact lengths up to 16 feet for linear and 10 feet for security.

9. PHD Mfg.

The Pipe Hangers & Devices catalog includes threaded accessories, rod couplings, hex nuts, washers, clamps, pipe roller supports, pipe saddles, slides and j-hooks. Available finishes include electro-galvanized, pre-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, primer, PVC, copper, epoxy and stainless steel.

10. Precision Hydronics Products

The new M1 primary loop modules bolt on the wall and M2 secondary loop pumping modules slide in place and lock with the PHP clamp. The modules are tested, warranted and ISO certified.