Martin Walshin, founder of Martin Walshin Inc., died of lung cancer at age 72. Born in the Bronx, N.Y., Walshin was a teenager when he joined his father in the plumbing business. In 1960, Walshin and his wife, Iris, started Martin Walshin Inc., a company that distributes temperature controls for heating, cooling and refrigeration systems.

Walshin was very active politically, creating the Committee to Abolish Term Limits. This movement began as Walshin said a mayor needs more time to complete development initiatives. His group gained support but was ultimately defeated on the last November ballot.

In addition to his governmental work, Walshin donated to 50 charities including St. John's Riverside Hospital and recreation programs for Westchester youth.

In addition to his wife, Iris, Walshin is survived by his daughter, Linda Walshin and his sister, Frances Honeyman.