Slant/Fin Corp. founder and Chairman Emeritus Melvin Dubin died Sept. 17 at the age of 92. Dubin, who started Slant/Fin in 1949, is survived by his son, Adam, daughter-in-law, Rachele, and granddaughters, Alyx and Nella. Adam Dubin has been Slant/Fin’s president since 2003 and was appointed chairman in 2014.

“Through his energetic spirit and determination Slant/Fin grew into the largest manufacturer of baseboard heating in the world and a leading manufacturer of boilers,” the company noted. “Mel was beloved by his family and those who knew him or worked with him. He was a generous supporter of many charitable causes for which he was well-known. He was a family man who always thought of Slant/Fin as part of his family. Mel will be remembered by all of us here at Slant/Fin who learned and were inspired by his example of strong, honest leadership.”