In an unprecedented move, the members of the Midwest Distributors Association have made a pledge to the ASA Education Foundation's Endowment Fund from the organization's reserves. The pledge was the first of its kind from among the regional associations affiliated with ASA, and in making the pledge, MDA President Bill Bergamini also challenged other regional associations to consider similar action.

"MDA's Board of Directors took a step back to examine what our organization is all about," said Bergamini. "We realized that there are two primary reasons for our existence: industry networking and continuing education. We could think of no more worthy cause than the ASA Education Foundation's Endowment Fund that could benefit from our support," he continued.

In making the challenge, MDA's Board reported that the organization would be donating 15% of its entire reserve fund to the Endowment Fund. By citing a percentage of their reserves, vs. a set amount, MDA hopes to encourage other associations with similar goals to consider a like contribution, regardless of the size of their coffers. "We really believe in the organization, and believe that the ASA Education Foundation is the best place in which to invest in our industry's future," said Bergamini.