ASA President Bill Kenny presented members with a “parting challenge” during his President’s remarks to the membership at the group’s Annual Meeting and Member Lunch, held during NetworkASA 2011 Sept. 13-16 in Las Vegas. In his address, Kenny stated, “We have attained 22 new member firms in 2011 (two more than the intended goal of 20), exceeded OPR participation by 19 companies over last year and increased our monthly sales participation goals by 20 companies. In addition, we are very close to hitting our goal of increasing PAC participation in 2012 by 25%. As an added bonus, the ASA Education Foundation has passed its goal of online students by 25 and is also very close to achieving its goal for the number of companies participating in training activities. Last, but certainly not least, ASA has exceeded its annual sponsorship goals by over 20%. Where do we go from here?”

Kenny challenged members to come together and work side-by-side as an industry. He mentioned strongly promoting the “made in America” label, and the importance of continuing to influence opposition of unreasonable regulations in Washington. He also encouraged everyone to take a page from the Sam Walton book. “Mr. Walton had very few original ideas. Most of his ideas came from his competitors. He improved on these ideas by implementing them more efficiently. Our industry can be a place not only where ideas are shared, but knowledge gained. Our marketplace will reward those who do the best job of implementing the best ideas,” added Kenny.

“At the end of 2011, I will step down as ASA President. My parting challenge to all of you is quite simple: ASA represents national chains, buying groups and regional associations representing smaller independent operations. I ask that all of us invest our time, talent and money to work together on our marketplace. The payback is tremendous!” he said.