This month we begin developing your new ASA Education Foundation website. The new site will provide a storefront with shopping cart so that you will be able to purchase programs like the ProductPro courses 24 hours per day 7 days per week. We are also adding a feature so that participants can register on-line for the annual Institute for Distribution Management and other seminar programs.

A new Frequently Asked Questions feature will answer many of the questions new users of the ProductPro programs need answered. And, an Ask the Professor feature will permit ProductPro students and training coordinators to get their questions answered on-line.

The site will also permit users of the ProductPro programs to take their ProductPro product knowledge final course exams on-line.

We expect the basic redesign with the new shopping cart and testing functions to be operable by the time of the ASA Convention at the end of October.

It is important to note that full descriptions and complete learning objectives of all the current ProductPro programs are available on our current website at