DynaChange Rules is the next generation toolset for Activant’s Prophet 21 software application.

Activant Solutionshas introduced DynaChange Rules, which provides a Business Rule Engine that allows Prophet 21 users to insert their own business logic into the Prophet 21 code base without altering the application code itself.

"Our customers have indicated their desire for extensible solutions that will empower users to configure business behavior within the ERP system rather than customizing code. With DynaChange Rules, users can apply logic based on their own unique standards and processes to increase efficiencies and minimize errors," said Kevin Roach, executive vice president and general manager of Activant’s Wholesale Distribution Division.

“Our customers will now have available new levels of flexibility and control in molding the Prophet 21 business system to adhere to the best practices and policies defined by their companies, as well as replacing manual interaction with automation where possible,” Roach said.

With DynaChange Rules, administrators can write business-specific code to tailor and define conversion rules, validation rules, and asynchronous workflows.

DynaChange Rules requires Prophet 21 version 12.5 or higher, and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or 2010 (Express Edition or higher).

For more information, visit the company’s website atwww.distribution.activant.comor send an email to distribution@activant.com.