Heating, Air-Conditioning, and Refrigeration Distributors International announced Todd Titus will be joining the association as director, state and public affairs. 

Titus will be the first at the association to serve in a full-time role dedicated to helping HARDI and its members advance policy at the state level. State Government Affairs is an increasingly complicated effort, with every state following different legislative schedules and varying degrees of regulatory autonomy that affect products sold by HARDI members. Tracking and mitigating the changes to the industry posed by state action is necessary to the success of HARDI’s total policy engagement approach.

“With the federal government increasingly handing over major policy decisions to state governments and state legislators seeking to move faster than federal policy, HARDI has recognized the need for a full-time position to cover state government affairs,” explains Alex Ayers, vice president of government affairs. “Todd showed great potential based on his experience in local and state government affairs and a willingness to dive into HVACR policy. I expect Todd to be a great addition to the team at the perfect time for distribution to take advantage of the IRA funds that will soon be flowing to states.”

Titus joined HARDI from the largest trade association in the United States, and as the government affairs director in his previous role, he advocated to protect association interests and coordinated all association activities in the legislative, governmental, and political spaces. Now, as HARDI’s new director of state and public affairs, Titus will apply his experience to HVACR-related issues to protect the interests of HARDI membership.

Titus’ day-to-day will involve monitoring legislative and regulatory changes across all 50 states to inform and educate HARDI membership. Along with informing membership of key issues, Titus will spearhead grassroots initiatives, advocate before elected officials, and network in person with relevant stakeholders to ensure the success of HARDI’s policy engagement approach.

This new addition to HARDI’s government affairs team stands to impact members’ understanding of current political issues in significant ways. Current examples of applicable policy changes affecting the HVACR industry are Congress-directed rebate programs for electrification and energy efficiency and regulated PFAS. Both issues require a deeper understanding and context for how their impact affects the distribution channel. Titus will be the eyes, ears, and distributor of key information to membership to drive state-level initiatives.

Talbot Gee, CEO, HARDI, said “Wholesale distribution, regardless of a company’s size, is a local business and our industry is more frequently becoming the focus of state regulation and legislation, so it’s time for HARDI to expand our Advocacy efforts into state affairs. HARDI has engaged in state issues when possible, but we didn’t have the bandwidth to be strategic and proactive in the states. I am excited to have Todd join Alex Ayers to build a powerhouse team to represent our members in every state and learn from one of the very best government affairs professionals in all of HVACR.”

For more information, visit: www.hardinet.org.