In the early 2010s, shortly after the opening of the first Kohler Signature Store in 2012 (Edina, MN), it was identified that a separate and distinct strategy for residential plumbing, cabinetry, and lighting stores was emerging in the industry. First Companies quickly responded by creating a differentiated strategy for our kitchen, bath, and lighting stores including a Chief Operating Officer role to oversee this strategy.

Effective January 15th, Scott Boehlke will be the Chief Operating Officer overseeing distribution and the KB&L strategies. Current KB&L Stores District Managers, Connie Holl and Amanda Kunst will report directly to Boehlke. Boehlke and the team will drive consistent collaboration across the business while maintaining the significant financial gains that have been made over the past ten plus years.

Moving forward, the Kohler Signature Stores in Milwaukee, Edina (MN), Kansas City and Detroit will be overseen by a new leadership team of Ryan Houge, KSS Regional Sales Manager, and Laura Orlando, KSS Regional Operations Manager. Houge and Orlando will report directly to Katie Poehling Seymour, President & CEO of First Companies, with the three KSS Store Managers reporting to Ryan.

In addition to the above stated changes, current KB&L Stores COO, Matt Durtsche, will be departing the organization on January 12th. The company thanks Durtsche and congratulate him on his future career endeavors.

“This restructuring allows us to pivot our operations. The consumer channel can continue to build and flourish while the residential contractor channel can roar to life across our footprint. We take pride in leading the way in the KB&L industry, but even more so we strive to constantly innovate in all areas of the business. Distribution continues to evolve, and we will do so on the cutting edge,” stated Katie Poehling Seymour.