When your drivers are out on the road, it can be hard to gain insight into what challenges or distractions they are encountering behind the wheel. Fortunately, technology allows business owners to step into the cab with their drivers through the use of telematics solutions and in-cab technology.


These risk management tools monitor fleet vehicles, equipment, or other assets using small telematics devices that are installed in the cab of the vehicle. These devices enable communication on cellular networks, and can gather information such as:

  • Vehicle position;
  • Speed;
  • Trip distance and time;
  • Idling time;
  • Harsh braking;
  • Rapid acceleration;
  • Seat belt use;
  • Fuel consumption;
  • Vehicle issues; and
  • Other engine data

With some tools, the data from the telematics devices are sent to apps that are installed on both the drivers’ and business owners’ phones or computers to give them a benchmark or report to see how their fleet is performing on the road. These data points may vary from vendor to vendor.


In-cab video incorporates dash cameras to monitor the driver, as well as the road in front or around the vehicle, depending on the type of service used. This, combined with GPS technology, can help to:

  • Review who, what, when, where, why, and how distractions or driving mistakes occur;
  • Provide an unbiased perspective to reveal if other drivers are at fault for collisions, potentially proving that your drivers are not at fault, and possibly helping to avoiding expensive litigation and claims; and
  • Detect objects like cell phones and driver head movement, and uses logic to determine what combinations of actions are risky.

Federated Insurance is proud to offer member clients Federated DriveSAFESM telematics as a complementary, value-added service. Reach out to your local Federated marketing representative to learn about ways to help your employees make it home safe today.