Led by our long-range strategic vision, ASA has a strong record of accomplishment in establishing vibrant programs that support our members and industry. In fact, over the past decade-plus, the association has invested more than $9.5 million to deliver unmatched value, enabling our members to succeed and win the future. We are proud of how far we have come, but we still have much more to accomplish, and that takes a strong unified industry speaking with one voice.

The Western Suppliers Association (WSA), recognizing its responsibility to its members to provide programs and services they desire, has decided to turn over those functions to ASA.

Throughout the years, WSA has ardently supported ASA programs and initiatives, especially the ASA Education Foundation. WSA was one of the early contributors to the Karl E. Neupert Endowment Fund

The merging of ASA and the Western Suppliers Association will continue to ensure that PHCP-PVF channel partners from throughout the western states have a clear voice in the governance of the national organization as well as the provision of local programs and services throughout the west, provide input and guidance to the ASA team in delivering programming and services, including a western networking and educational conference, advocacy, especially at the state level, business intelligence programs, and career development efforts, as well as developing an engaged distributor network

The merger with WSA expands ASA’s ability to support its membership and to continue our work toward being the unified voice that drives the success of the PHCP and PVF supply chain industry.