The adage goes “the only constant is change.” We are all managing perhaps the most dynamic landscape in our industry in recent history – commodities pricing swings, destocking trends in inventory, rising interest rates, historically low unemployment. The American Supply Association’s charge is to be our indispensable partner as we navigate the course of change. If you’re not an ASA member, now is the time.


The American Supply Association is more than just an organization; it's a thriving community committed to the on-going prosperity of the plumbing and pipes-valves-fittings industry. Our mission is to be the unified voice that drives the success of the PHCP and PVF supply chain industry. By joining ASA, you gain access to a world of opportunities designed to propel your business forward.

Even more than the tools and resources available through ASA, the people are where I unlock the true value of the association. Countless times over the years, I’ve personally picked up the phone, sent a text, or written an email to someone I met in my travels, at a regional meeting, or through my work with ASA. I’ve sought advice on everything from incentive customer travel to family business governance. ASA membership is a wealth of knowledge, experience and innovative thinking.


Continuous learning is the cornerstone of success in any industry. ASA University offers an extensive range of training programs tailored to the needs of our teams across various roles. Whether you're a seasoned executive or a budding talent, ASA University equips you with the latest skills and strategies necessary to navigate the ever-evolving business landscape. My last article detailed the rich history and exciting future of the Karl E. Neupert Foundation and our industry’s leading position in employee training. For more information on the Foundation, visit

ASA’s courses are crafted by industry experts. From sales techniques and negotiation skills to leadership development and customer relationship management, ASA University has courses to build introduction knowledge or sharpen hard earned skills.


Informed decisions are the path to success in any business. ASA's Business Intelligence Reports provide you with a wealth of critical market insights, trends, and data-driven analyses. Stay ahead of market shifts, identify emerging opportunities, and make strategic decisions that drive profitability.

The reports cover a diverse range of topics, from market trends and competitive analysis to consumer behavior and emerging technologies. Armed with this knowledge, you can shape your strategies, allocate resources effectively, and anticipate market needs.

We will no doubt be consulting as much intelligence as possible as we budget for 2024. The industry trends and insights will give us better guidance in planning and prepare us to capitalize on market opportunities.


Customer relationships are the lifeblood of any business. ASA's new Voice of the Customer Survey launching this fall will empower you to understand your customers on a deeper level. Gain insights into their preferences, buying habits, and expectations. This invaluable information will enable you to tailor your offerings, enhance customer experiences, and build lasting relationships that foster loyalty.

By participating in the survey, you contribute to a collective pool of knowledge that benefits the entire industry. Together, we can elevate customer-centric practices and foster an environment where businesses thrive by meeting customer needs effectively.


If you’re not already an ASA member, join us! The tools and resources ASA provides are second to none in our industry. Even more, the network you and your teams will build by participating in local, regional, and national events will be invaluable, not to mention the fact ASA has your best interests at heart when it comes to legislative/regulatory matters at the federal and state levels, as well as in the ever-changing codes and standards arena.

I invite you to sign up for NETWORK2023, ASA’s annual conference that brings together key stakeholders and thought-leaders from throughout the PHCP-PVF supply chain. Experience for yourself the power of ASA and join hundreds of distributors, manufacturers and manufacturers reps already registered to attend Nov. 8-10 in Orlando. Visit to register. Get connected. Be a connector.