Pam Henderson, president of New Edge, ASA’s partner in delivering the Vitality growth assessment survey to membership, hosted a panel of industry professionals at NETWORK2022 in Chicago recently to discuss their experiences with ASA’s Vitality Growth Assessment Tool.

The panel included Mike Adelizzi, ASA CEO, Katie Poehling Seymour, president and CEO of First Supply, and Jeb Bell, president of Equipment Controls Company.

Adelizzi described ASA’s original vision for the assessment as a way to help member organizations prepare for success well into the future no matter the maturity level of the organization. To do that, ASA developed this assessment over the course of a year with New Edge.

The assessment is a confidential survey available to ASA member companies (distributors, manufacturers, master distributors and manufacturers representatives). It focuses on five critical components of developing a successful growth vision and strategy within an organization. Once completed, a company-specific growth assessment report is generated which provides insight and benchmarking to understand a company’s position for future growth.

Henderson noted the results provide an organization action items to move it to the next level of maturity in order to succeed in the ever-changing future. In addition, action items may include suggestions to key ASA resources and educational courses.

When the panelists were asked why they decided to utilize the assessment, ECCO’s Bell said that he wanted to know what the company looked like from a different perspective. Panelists agreed that the process was able to provide them with a view of how their company employees viewed their strategic vision and how well their organizations were poised for the future.

A key to their success in utilizing this assessment was acting on the results and opening up communication lines throughout their organizations. Although the outcome of the entire process can lead to a fundamental change within the organization as described by several panelists. The assessment helps identify incremental steps to make the changes necessary to move the organization to the next level.

Poehling Seymour described the entire process as a way to help “future-proof” your organization and a way to help an organization succeed into the future.

To learn more about the survey: VITALITY (