Given today’s rapidly changing business environment, strengthening your company’s ability to compete requires you to think about your businesses like never before.

The environment requires new levels of strategic vision and a growth mindset that prioritizes strategic planning and investment. We are all challenged every day to stay relevant and enhance our ability to compete, and this is true now more than ever.

Understanding that, ASA has been helping to prepare our members for their future success in the face of all this disruption. Late last year, we launched the VITALITY Growth Readiness and Alignment Program. This new and exciting program can be a game-changer for our members as it can challenge us to think differently about our business and assist in positioning our companies for the future.

Project VITALITY’s Growth Readiness and Alignment Program is a new survey and confidential report tool that helps members identify their company’s strengths and weaknesses, and where they need to invest their resources and attention.

Through this confidential self-assessment, a member’s leadership team provides their self-evaluation, reflecting on the company’s growth readiness, vision of a successful future and their willingness for organizational realignment. Based on the results from the entire team, member companies receive a confidential report.

5 key reasons why members should consider the new ASA Growth Readiness and Alignment Program

  1. It provides an understanding of how aligned your team is around the strategy and structures of your organization.
  2. It identifies where your company should focus for growth to help ready your business for future success.
  3. It helps you set meaningful goals and strategic plans for the future.  
  4. It provides your firm with best-practice platforms for long-term growth and profitability.
  5. It challenges you to think differently about your business and assist you in possibly repositioning your company to compete for long-term sustainability.

It’s clear that our VITALITY Growth Readiness Alignment Program will be a game-changing tool. This exciting new program will help you raise awareness about your current positioning and how you will need to position your firm moving forward to win in a constantly changing business environment.

The program is delivered by our partner in this new venture NewEdge, a growth strategy and innovation firm that helps startups through Fortune 100 companies accelerate their growth with evaluations and programs that take companies to the next level.

The team at New Edge developed this program with the insights of more than 300 companies, including ASA members. It maps out the step-by-step journey toward true growth readiness so you can see both where you are, and the concrete actions needed to take you to the next level. 

No other trade association is developing these types of essential programs to help their members. It’s exciting to have a trade association that is as excited about the future as we are.  

If you’re not already taking part by completing your survey, act today by clicking here and get started planning for a bright future for your company and the industry overall.