REHAU Group announced it has suspended operations in Russia, due to the development of the crisis and the suffering of the people in Ukraine. As a company that operates in Ukraine, as well as in Russia and Belarus, it emphasizes its position: 

  • REHAU strongly condemns the attack on Ukraine and its people;
  • It is a war against humanity, the freedom of all of us and peace in Europe; and
  • Thus, against the values for which we as a REHAU Group stand with all of its subgroups.

The company has decided to suspend our operations in Russia and Belarus until further notice. 

Russia in particular, where REHAU has been present for many years, is an important market for the company. The company stated it hopes the situation will soon change in such a way that it can resume our activities in both countries. 

REHAU said its priority is the safety of its colleagues and their families in Ukraine and those that are leaving the country. The company began preparing possible contingency plans some time ago. Concrete help is underway at various levels: 

  • Via the emergency aid fund "Family for Families," which has been endowed by the company with a significant sum to provide immediate assistance, but also to support reconstruction later on;
  • Via the crisis taskforce, which coordinates support for our team in Ukraine, but also for the people fleeing. We are in constant contact with the local management for this; and
  • And via an account we have set up for donations from our 20,000 employees worldwide.

Dr. Veit Wagner, president of REHAU Group, stated: "We hope for a peaceful outcome and our thoughts remain with everyone affected by the conflict."