Several years ago, ASA volunteer leaders were challenged with identifying three key issues that will affect members over the next decade.

Thus, ASA’s Building One Future platform was launched to tackle the current labor problem in our industry (PROJECT TALENT), as well as to explore the roles, practices, perceptions, trends and technologies that power today’s supply chain, as well as develop solutions to re-architect or retire operating models or to transform interactions from transactional to experimental (D.NEXT innovation lab).

ASA’s third challenge centered around what the association can do to raise members’ awareness about their positioning for the future and what tools and resources can be provided that will yield a viable, relevant future for members.

Along those lines, ASA is excited this month to launch the PROJECT VITALITY Growth Readiness self-assessment tool that will help identify a company’s strengths and weaknesses based on confidential feedback from key company staff members, plus identify where a company needs to invest to shore up its ability to compete effectively in a rapidly changing market.

Based on a company’s input, it will receive a confidential company report provided by ASA partner New Edge, an innovation strategy firm that utilizes design methodology to create new insight for business.

This report will deliver where an ASA member company’s strengths and weaknesses are, and the programmatic steps it needs to take to position it for future growth and long-term success. This game-changing tool will challenge ASA member companies to think differently about their businesses and to begin to reposition themselves and team to win in the future.

Building upon the confidential self-assessment, the goal-setting process will lead members in determining:

  • Where is this industry headed?
  • How does a members company fit?
  • What changes must occur to improve and ready the business for success?

5 survey benefits to help your company’s future

  1. You will be guided through the self-assessment process of goal-setting and developing your company vision for change and transformation supported by a team of experts.
  2. Identify where the industry and markets are heading and how your team is positioned to win the future.
  3. Help in identifying the changes that must occur to ready your business for future success.
  4. Based on your team’s input, you will receive a confidential report prepared by the team at New Edge.
  5. The new program will be delivered free thanks to the generous support of ASA and the ASA Education Foundation.

Who should take the survey?

Every employee has a unique perspective as to the effectiveness, capability and readiness of your company. We recommend that as you look to select the team members to complete your firm’s survey that you seek a cross-section of those team members that demonstrate an enthusiasm for your firm and its future. ASA is providing up to 10 unique survey logins for you to engage your team. Although, it is your choice!

Educational offerings to support your company’s growth readiness process

While ASA will not have access to individual member’s reports, we will get aggregate data that can help ASA and our Education Foundation identify deficiencies in ASA’s programming and educational offerings, and with the support of the New Edge team, provide educational support to guide you through your growth readiness journey.

To learn more about the PROJECT Vitality Growth Assessment tool, visit