Given today’s rapidly changing business environment, strengthening a company’s ability to compete will require leaders to think about their businesses like they never have before. Today’s environment requires a new level of strategic vision, growth mindset, planning, investment, expanding skill sets and taking risks to stay relevant and compete.

Preparing American Supply Association members for future success in the face of all this disruption has been a driving factor for the association’s leadership to invest and launch several new programs, including the D.NEXT Innovation Lab (at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana) and the workforce recruitment effort, Project TALENT – both of which are already providing ASA members a wide array of benefits. Both are part of ASA’s long-range Building One Future initiative.

Now, ASA is launching the association’s newest program — the VITALITY Growth Assessment Tool — a game-changing tool that will challenge ASA members to think differently about their business and assist them in positioning their company to compete in the future.

Each company that opts to participate in this program will receive access to a confidential survey link, which will guide them through the discovery process as they share information about their business’ current approach to growth and future-state planning.

This survey can then be distributed to the very highest-level decision-makers, all the way down to the frontline workers. Once feedback has been submitted from the company’s stakeholders, a confidential, company-specific Growth Assessment Report will be generated, which will provide insight and benchmarking to understand the company’s position for future growth.

Whether a company is facing a potential merger or acquisition or is simply in need of getting serious about strategic planning, this multifaceted report will provide a high-level view of a company’s readiness state for future change and growth.

Even more exciting, through the significant investment from both ASA and the ASA Education Foundation, this tool is being provided on a complimentary basis in 2021.

No other association can match the overwhelming value that ASA has provided over the past few years, and this program will only continue to bolster that value being provided to the ASA membership.

Now, it’s time for members to do their part and take advantage of this program. An informational brochure was recently mailed out to the ASA membership, outlining the VITALITY Growth Assessment Tool and how to get started.

To view the VITALITY Growth Assessment Tool brochure, click here.