In 2020, PACE Supply opened a new shopping experience for the service and repair portion of its customer base. Named the PACE Supply, “EZ Pick,” PACE Supply customers can walk into the PACE Supply San Rafael branch and peruse aisles of product hand selected for this service group.

Items include, copper/brass fittings, repair parts, garbage disposals, faucets, toilet accessories, hangers/support and more.

“Allowing our customers to walk-in, grab the everyday service/repair items they need in tandem with their Will Call order – or – as a quick grab, has lessened the trips needed to obtain the materials necessary to keep our community’s job sites running effectively. Especially now, that’s been a huge win for many.” - Matt Tabarracci, Branch Manager of PACE Supply.

The company is hosting an event: PACE Supply EZ Pick: Buckets and Burritos. Customers are encouraged to stop by the PACE Supply San Rafael location to take a 5-minute tour of the EZ Pick. At the end of the tour, participants will be rewarded with a PACE Supply bucket AND breakfast burrito. Masks, and social distancing are required. 

Where: 1151 Andersen Dr., San Rafael
When: On April 20, 2021 from 6 – 10 AM.