Bradford White launched its new BMS-ready Commander Series commercial gas water heaters.

Like Bradford White’s recently introduced eF120 series, Commander commercial gas water heaters can now be easily integrated into Building Management System networks that monitor essential electrical, security, communications and other functions in large or multi-unit structures.

“The market for commercial water heaters is increasingly sophisticated,” said Louise Prader, senior director-product management for Bradford White. “Building owners and facilities managers have come to expect the 24-7 remote monitoring and troubleshooting advantages of BMS connections. For many industries, such as manufacturing, construction, education and health care, BMS capabilities offer unrivaled performance and durability, which can make a large difference in a small amount of time.”

BMS integration allows for real-time monitoring of water heater performance. Benefits include quicker turnaround and less down time for maintenance and troubleshooting, which increases heater efficiency and limits the risk of equipment failure.

“Owners and facilities managers have limited time to spend on each component of their buildings’ infrastructure,” Prader said. “Today’s connected environment is evolving to meet their needs, and modern product solutions like the Commander respond to their expectations and help them save time and money while maximizing performance.”

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