The American Supply Association announces a new partnership with MICHELIN Tire that will provide savings for member companies on tire purchases.

The ASA MICHELIN Advantage Program allows ASA member companies to team up with MICHELIN to increase productivity. Members can benefit from a value-added program that offers competitive savings on both new and retread tires. The new tires include: MICHELIN, BFGoodrich and Uniroyal. Retread tire include: MICHELIN Retread Technologies and Olivier. The program also includes access to MICHELIN’s Emergency Road Service offer—MICHELIN ONCall and waived dispatch fees, providing ASA members with additional resources to improve operational efficiency.

The ASA MICHELIN Advantage Program includes three main benefits:

Advantage savings

The ASA MICHELIN Advantage Program pricing is available at home and on the road, so you can control tire costs if you are a localized or long-haul-based operation. Because MICHELIN knows you may have more needs other than just medium-duty truck tires, the Full Line Program also will help with cost control of other MICHELIN product lines, such as passenger car, light truck, earthmover, compact line or tweel tires.

Advantage care

Knowledgeable TIA-trained technicians will take care of ASA member service needs at any of MICHELIN’s more than 5,000 authorized truck dealer locations.

With MICHELIN OnCall, drivers can get roadside assistance all day, every day, no matter where they are. This gets trucks back up and running whether it’s tires, mechanical or towing, to ensure maximum productivity.

Access to the MICHELIN Advantage customer service team is available on business days to answer any questions about the program, including system access, billing, invoicing or orders.

Advantage access

As a member of the ASA MICHELIN Advantage Program, members will receive access to a special website where several online business tools are located to help improve business performance.

ASA members will have the ability to manage their account online, to register and update credit-card information on file, check pricing, and view invoices or purchase history. 

ASA members can tap into maintenance tips and techniques with special MICHELIN webcasts, e-newsletters and through the member website at to help maintain an efficient operation.

To sign up for the ASA MICHELIN Advantage Program, log into the MyASA portal at and click on the MICHELIN icon.