In the business world, even the slightest change in a market can cause ripple effects. This year has impacted our industry beyond what anyone had expected, and the ripples are not settled yet. More than ever, our industry needs to leverage our strengths, establish new partnerships and fortify relationships that can help us become more resilient.

Consumers’ expectations of service have increased drastically, and they now evaluate trade professionals and suppliers not only on service provided, but also based on a business’ flexibility to accommodate changing requests and needs for reassurance. The ability of your business to follow the ebbs and flows of an ever-changing market is the key to success, and strategic partnerships within the industry can help you to ensure a more stable future. 

Committed to being a trusted partner and delivering exceptional solutions even in the face of market turmoil, Kohler took strategic measures to evolve its business in this ever-changing climate. From a new Kohler FastPass expedited shipping program to offering virtual training opportunities, and creating and distributing personal protection equipment kits to customers and partners. Kohler has worked tirelessly to safely reopen stores and showrooms, supporting in-field teams to provide continued and unparalleled customer experiences both in-store and virtually. 

Focusing on key elements to keep our wholesale and showroom partners on a path to success in this new environment has proven effective. Understanding how operations are impacted, discovering together how to drive traffic and conduct business virtually, realizing the shift in customer relationships to show greater support, and re-emphasizing the importance of training has helped Kohler and its partners to take great strides forward these past two quarters. 

Kohler has turned to its valued partners, such as the American Supply Association, to join forces in guiding the industry on a path to a solid and prosperous future. Leaning in on the strengths of ASA in industry insight and education, manufacturers and professionals alike can remain connected and grow in the face of challenging times. Utilizing the valuable resources offered by ASA and choosing partner manufacturers such as Kohler can help you stay on the leading edge of trends, plan for future market potential and remain competitive.