Roswell, Georgia-based Kloeckner Metals Corp., one of the largest steel and metal service centers in North America, announced the promotion of Andrea Moseley to chief financial officer, effective April 1. 

Moseley will resume the role held by longtime Kloeckner Metals employee Kirk Johnson, who retired March 31. Kloeckner Metals’ management board unanimously agreed Moseley will be Johnson’s natural successor due to her wide-ranging experience, proven track record of accomplishing complex initiatives and deep understanding of the company’s North American and international businesses.

Moseley joined Kloeckner in 2002. Preceding her current role of executive vice president of finance, she was head of governance and finance transformation for Kloeckner Metal’s parent company Klöckner & Co SE, in Duisburg, Germany. 

“Andrea brings with her passion, dedication and a can-do attitude that will help further fuel Kloeckner Metals’ pursuit of commercial and operational success,” said John Ganem, chief executive officer of Kloeckner Metals. “We look forward to working closely with Andrea as she enters her new role as chief financial officer and quickly becomes an invaluable partner during Kloeckner Metals’ ongoing transformative journey.”

With the promotion comes Moseley’s appointment to Kloeckner Metal’s executive management team, where she will join Ganem and Bart Clifford, chief operating officer.