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Jeremiah “JJ” Jackson
Age: 33
Company: Erne Fittings USA
Position: Regional Account Manager (3 years)


How did you get started in the PHCP-PVF industry?

I owe my start in the PVF Industry to Kyle Reppond - now division president at AFGlobal. Through the Aggie connection; I went to Texas A&M University with his daughter, Heather. I persistently bugged Kyle until he gave me an interview in 2010. I started as a sales assistant/estimator and got promoted through the ranks to national sales — many weeks at the desk extensively reviewing spreadsheets and asking a ton of questions.


What do you like most about your job/the company you work for?

I enjoy creating and developing lasting connections. The PVF industry is a very tight-knit community. Many of my customers and I have transitioned into personal friends over the years. I also enjoy the challenge of listening to my customers’ business needs and developing a plan that works for each unique business model.


How important is it for our industry to attract young professionals?

A hot topic right now! A few colleagues and I have created a networking group to address this very topic.The PVF Young Professionals (a part of the PVF Roundtable) started a few years back and we focus primarily on attracting young talent to our industry. Young Professionals