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Nikki Chikhani
Age: 36
Company: Apollo Flow Controls
Position: Regional Sales Director (1 year)

How did you get started in the PHCP-PVF industry?

After graduating with my MBA at 24 I was hired as a sales engineer working for a manufacturer of PVC/HDPE pipe. I later was hired by Tyco Grinnell as a territory manager in Southern California selling grooved products. 

What do you like most about your job/the company you work for?

I always have enjoyed helping customers find solutions and ensuring their projects run smoothly. Working for Apollo, we truly are a winning team, growing stronger every day. I enjoy leading our sales team on the West Coast and the adrenaline that comes with the successes they have. It is one thing to have your own successes, but seeing it as a manager and seeing the excitement from the team has been an amazing experience.  


How important is it for our industry to attract young professionals?

First off, I believe we have a lot to learn from the individuals who have been in the industry for many years. I personally have a few mentors I look up to in the industry and I believe that is extremely important. As I get older, I see it increasingly important to continue to attract young professionals in the industry because as time goes on with ever-changing technology and new emerging markets, our industry may not have the appeal to young professionals as it once did. However, if we can increase the interest and appeal and stay present with the younger generation entering the workplace I believe they, too, will see how rewarding and welcoming of an industry it truly is.