The ASTM F-17 Main Committee scope covers the development of specifications for plastic pipe, fittings and appurtenances; practices for joining and installing plastic pipes; test methods; terminology, systems and services specific to plastic piping systems and the stimulation of related research.  ASA is a voting member of the F-17 Main Committee and is looking for your input related to the actions being considered.

Although the proposed draft documents are not yet open for public review, a brief summary of the action being considered is provided below.  ASA is seeking any comments or concerns from individuals or companies on the proposed actions being taken.  If additional clarification is needed on any of the proposed actions, please contact the ASA Director of Codes and Standards Jim Kendzel at

The ballots for the proposed revisions will be closed by the time this article is published. However, if the proposals are approved by the F-17 Committee, the final drafts will be put out for public review and comment, so there still will be time to submit your comments or concerns.

The following new standards and practices are being proposed for publication:

  • Specification For MRS-Rated Metric- and Inch-Sized Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX) Pipe
  • New ASTM standard for PEX pipes, based on the MRS rating system, as determined by Test Method ISO 9080. This PEX pipe is to be used in pressure piping applications such as industrial and general-purpose pipelines, potable water pipelines, and fire-extinguishing pipelines.
  • Practice For Application of Structurally Independent Spray In Place Pipe (SIPP) Inside Pipelines WK60068 
    • Describes the procedures for the rehabilitation of pressure and non-pressure pipelines and conduits with 4-in. to 144-in. (101 mm to 3,658 mm) diameter constructed of metallic and nonmetallic materials using spray-applied thermosetting polymeric lining materials.
  • Practice for Test Methods and Testing Frequency for Recycled Materials in Polyethylene (PE) Pipe for Non-Pressure Applications.
    • Provide guidance for test frequency and testing methods for HDPE pipe produced with recycled materials.

The following ASTM standards and practices are being proposed for revisions. A brief summary of the key actions being considered is provided for each:

  • F1807-2017 Specification for Metal Insert Fittings Utilizing a Copper Crimp Ring for SDR9 Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX) Tubing and SDR9 Polyethylene of Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Tubing
    • Include “fittings and alternate stainless steel clamping rings” to the scope of the standard.
  • F1866-2013(2017) Specification for Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Plastic Schedule 40 Drainage and DWV Fabricated Fittings 
    • Increase scope of standard to cover 1 ½-, 2-, and 3-in., pipe and fitting sizes.
  • F2098-2015 Specification for Stainless Steel Clamps for Securing SDR9 Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX) Tubing to Metal Insert and Plastic Insert Fittings
  • Add SDR9 Polyethylene of Raised Temperature (PE-RT) to the scope of the standard and the applicable ASTM standards for PE-RT to the body of the standard.
  • F2159-2014 Specification for Plastic Insert Fittings Utilizing a Copper Crimp Ring for SDR9 Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX) Tubing and SDR9 Polyethylene of Raised Temperature (PE-RT) Tubing
  • Include “fittings and alternate stainless steel clamping rings” to the scope of the standard.
  • F2306/F2306M-2014E1 Specification for 12 to 60 in. [300 to 1500 mm] Annular Corrugated Profile-Wall Polyethylene (PE) Pipe and Fittings for Gravity-Flow Storm Sewer and Subsurface Drainage Applications
    • New requirements have been incorporated to allow the use of recycled (post-consumer/post-industrial) materials in the production of product.
  • D2321-2014E1 Practice for Underground Installation of Thermoplastic Pipe for Sewers and Other Gravity-Flow Applications
    • Clarification that section 7.6, Minimum Cover, applies to both construction loads and final fill height loads.
  • F2829/F2829M-2015 Specification for Metric- and Inch-Sized Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX) Pipe Systems
  • Revised scope to include gas distribution and gas gathering for these PEX fittings.
  • Replaced definition of PEX with the new PPI PEX definition.
  • Added additional PEX pipe standards – ASTM F2905 and F2968.
  • Added fittings made from PEX pipe.
  • Added several additional fittings used with PEX pipe.
  • F2905/F2905M-2013 Specification for Black Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX) Line Pipe, Fittings and Joints For Oil and Gas Producing Applications WK46795 
  • Added UV protection test requirement and subsequent marking requirement for maximum UV exposure time and revised carbon black requirement.
  • Eliminate requirements for carbon black and replace that with new requirements to test the actual PEX pipe that has been exposed to UV per ASTM F2657 or ISO 14531-1 Annex C and mark the pipe with the maximum allowed UV exposure time.
  • To be consistent with other ASTM standards, black pipe would require 10 years and yellow pipe would require 3 years of UV resistance.
  • Added requirement for degree of crosslink testing in several locations for thick wall pipe sizes.
  • Added minimum operating temperature and required testing to verify this minimum operating temperature.
  • D2949-2010 Specification for 3.25-in. Outside Diameter Poly(Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Plastic Drain, Waste, and Vent Pipe and Fittings
    • Techniques for making joints are being deleted and reference to Practice D2855 is being added.
    • Marking requirements are being revised to allow required marking on the fitting or the packaging.