Zoeller Pump Company supplies dependable products that move and treat water in residential, commercial and industrial industries around the globe. From its humble beginnings in August “Pop” Zoeller’s basement in 1939, 78 years later the company has grown to several different divisions that offer a wide and varied range of products. Zoeller Pump Company has been a member of the America Supply Association since 1993. ASA provides resources for job descriptions, training ideas, industry education and helps to improve the overall connections between suppliers, manufacturers, reps and customers across the nation. As a member for more than 24 years, we have enjoyed the many beneficial services that the ASA offers.

One of the greatest advantages to our ASA membership is the networking opportunities. The annual ASA NETWORK meeting has improved each year. The conference speakers are always knowledgeable and articulate and the tabletop sessions with our customers are continually something to look forward to each conference. The experience is something you don’t find anywhere else in the industry. NETWORK provides us with a unique opportunity to network with our distributors as well as catch up on the latest industry trends and news. The networking events are always helpful to the growth of our industry and allow the plumbing wholesalers and manufacturers to come together and be supportive of collective issues.

The advocacy that ASA does on behalf of the plumbing, heating, cooling and piping industries is outstanding. The information it provides on relevant legislative and regulatory issues and its dedication to supporting or opposing initiatives that directly effect people working in our industry is second to none. Thanks to our membership with ASA, Zoeller Company has had several opportunities to be in front of representatives of Congress to discuss the plumbing industry, environmental issues LIFO issues, and overall industry concerns.

ASA provides its members with extremely useful and valuable industry intelligence. Industry benchmarks and forecasts are exceedingly helpful tools for business growth.  ASA is one of the most important avenues of communication that we utilize for information and resources that allow us to excel within the industry. There are reports and communications that we look at monthly for useful information and the development of key ideas.

As a proud member of the ASA for more than 24 years, Zoeller Pump Company still values its membership and plans to continue to take advantage of the support and development tools that ASA provides
for us.