Plastic Services and Products is expanding its Salt Lake City, Utah, and Centralia, Wash., plants. The expansions started in mid-spring and are scheduled to be completed in December.

Construction is underway at PSP’s Salt Lake City facility to make way for 10 new extrusion lines. At PSP’s Centralia plant, the company plans to install two new extrusion lines to produce ABS pipe. With the added capacity, PSP is poised to become the largest producer of ABS pipe in North America, it stated. In addition to increasing ABS capacity, PSP said it also is investing in cutting-edge equipment for PVC DWV pipe, PVC pressure pipe and fence profile extrusion.

PSP President Andrew Reese noted the expansion has been years in the making and is the culmination of extensive research and development. “We have taken a long-term approach to our decision-making,” he said. “We disassembled machines, dissected tooling and evaluated a broad range of plastic processing systems. Whether it was from the U.S., Europe or Asia, we explored nearly every technology on the market.”

According to Reese, growing customer demand was the determining factor in the decision to expand. “With single-family housing starts on the rise, there is an increased demand for plumbing, irrigation and fencing products,” he explained. “Consolidation has left customers with fewer suppliers to choose from – particularly in the ABS pipe market. Our goal is to increase the availability of existing product lines, expand our product offering and expedite order delivery.”

Later this year, PSP will begin to offer a 48-hour shipment guarantee for truckload pipe orders to customers located in the western United States and Canada.