As the industry’s only national association, the American Supply Association is in a unique position to drive change that will benefit the entire industry. And while many in our industry continue to “go-it-alone” and not rally alongside the leadership of ASA, many leading organizations and groups have started to close ranks and support ASA’s strategic vision of where we want to go.

Our hundreds of members, representing thousands of points on the map, provide a strong base from which to lead and create influence. Recognizing that few organizations are big enough to create change on their own, building winning coalitions allows for the most change and accomplishments. A winning coalition is best exemplified in the strong relationships ASA has forged with all the industry’s buying groups. Ten years ago, ASA isolated itself from the buying groups, but today we have formed an unshakeable bond and together we’re looking to the future, to partner on things from advocacy to creating stronger business intelligence. 

Coalitions are most important when seeking to influence forces outside the PHCP and PVF industry. From federal and state regulatory agencies, and codes and standards writing bodies, to how customer groups make their purchasing decisions, ASA has expanded our focus to provide an impact in each of these areas. After opening a full-time operation in Washington, D.C., we have been building relationships that help leverage our ability to succeed in critical areas such as marketplace fairness, promoting America’s energy independence and protecting our industry’s small businesses through issues such as comprehensive tax reform. Again recognizing that few organizations are large enough to “go it alone,” ASA has become engaged in several coalitions focused around topics such as protecting LIFO,  protecting brick and mortar distributors from internet sales, and many more issues. ASA has quietly been working with allied groups that impact our members and industry.

While our industry faces unprecedented labor shortages over the next decade or two, our customers are facing even greater shortages which could have a profound impact on our ability to sell products they produced. Through partnerships with groups such as the associations representing contractors, builders and designers, ASA has worked to create focus on apprenticeship at the local levels. Most recently, ASA played a small role in the Trump administration’s focus on Apprenticeship Week where the administration placed a greater focus on recruiting the next generation of plumbers and crafts workers.

ASA has also looked at how the numerous organizations that impact our industry work together to protect our interests. Many organizations meet annually under the umbrella of the Plumbing Industry Leadership Council, to share issues each group is facing. With ASA’s leadership, PILC is looking at ways that collectively, we can become more effective …working together as a more impactful voice.

ASA continues to remain focused on forging stronger ties between all industry companies and interests. For further information on how you can join ASA, visit our website at or call us at 630-467-0000.