In Q2 2013, the growing strength trend within American Supply Association distributor members continued. Q2 ‘13 per day quarterly revenues stood at 7.3% as compared to only 3.6% in Q2 of 2012.  The growth rate is returning to the levels seen in late 2010 through the early parts of 2012. For June 2013, ASA distributors reported a 9.2% improvement in revenues vs. 2012.  As compared to 2011, they are up 14.4% for the month and 14.7% for the quarter; vs. 2010, a 25.7% increase for the month and a 25.0% increase for the quarter; vs. 2009, a 29.3% increase for the month and 27.9% for the quarter; and as compared to 2008, up 8.1% for the month and 5.8% for the quarter.

Geographically, regional monthly revenues were divided as the Midwest showed positive 15.7% growth while the West came in at 4.9% growth. Distributors with less than $15 million in annual revenues came in at 13.3% per day growth while those with more than $125 million in annual revenue reported a positive 11.7% growth. Those in between were positive but considerably less. The industrial pipe, valves and fittings segment also showed a 2.4% revenue growth for 2013 and a 2.2% growth on a trailing 12-month basis. Meanwhile, the plumbing, heating and cooling distributors showed an 11.7% revenue growth for 2013 and a positive 5.1% on a rolling 12-month basis.

Inventory rebuild in 2013 continued as it increased another 2.2% in June vs. 2012; 8.9% vs. 2011; 19.2% vs. 2010 and 16.6% as compared to 2009. With inventory growth numbers below those of revenue growth, inventories are turning at a faster rate and are becoming more efficient. Accounts receivable, as measured by three months day’s sales outstanding, stood at 45.6 days at the end of June, which is better than 2012 by 0.5 days, an additional efficiency in the capital structure of the distributors.

ASA distribution members continued for the 32nd consecutive month to create jobs as they again report their full-time equivalent employee count is larger than a year ago. Also, gross profit margins are slightly better than the same time a year ago. So with improved revenues, improved inventory and accounts receivable, better margins and more employees, it is clear why ASA members are also reporting improved profitability. It is a great time to be a member of the American Supply Association.

 For a full report which contains the breakdown by regions of the country, by market segment and by distributor size, members should contact Chris Murin at