The comment stage to develop the 2018 Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) and the Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC) is now complete. The Technical Committees (TC) for these codes met in Anaheim, Calif., May 1-4 to address public comments submitted.

ASA attended the hearings to speak on 12 public comments that were submitted to the UPC and 12 that were submitted to the UMC on behalf of the ASA Codes and Standards Committee. ASA also spoke on other items that affected the interest of its members. Prior to the May hearings, the ASA Codes and Standards Committee met to discuss all comments that can possibly affect the interest of ASA members. Out of the 27 items of interest for the UPC, 21 went in ASA’s favor. For the UMC, out of 17 items of interest, 13 went in ASA’s favor.

One of the most contentious items the UPC TC discussed dealt with the use of 1 1/2-in. minimum trap and trap-arm size for showers. The UPC TC agreed for a minimum of 1 1/2-in. trap and trap-arm for retrofit installations only. This item will now go for electronic balloting for final approval.

The UMC had contentious items as well. One of the items discussed, in great length, was Item # 072 which intended to limit the use of flex ducts to 5 ft. for both residential and commercial applications. The UMC TC ultimately agreed to limit flex ducts to 5 ft. for commercial applications only as it currently reads in the 2015 edition. This item will also go for electronic balloting for final approval.

The next IAPMO meeting will be the annual Education and Business Conference in Anchorage, Alaska on Sept. 24-28. At this meeting, an item can be brought back up; therefore, ASA will maintain an active role and follow the IAPMO process to assure the interest of ASA members and the health and safety of the public are protected.