ASA University has updated its “Essentials of Profitable Showroom Sales course,” which now is available in both book and online format.

The course has been updated to include critical concepts of consultative selling, showroom marketing, and customer service. Designed to help new employees sharpen their selling skills and seasoned salespeople to refresh theirs, the course describes the important role that showrooms play in the overall operation of the wholesale-distribution business. The course includes an appendix with real-life scenarios to practice skills learned.

The revised course is divided into seven chapters/modules. Each section contains a quiz and a substantial glossary for ongoing reference. To complete the course, there is an 80-question online, self-grading final exam. In addition to these elements, the online version includes audio narration, engaging activities and learning games. A certificate of completion is provided for those who pass the final exam.

Information covered in the sections/modules of the course includes:

• The role of showrooms in wholesale-distribution;

• Best practices for showroom success;

• The importance of selling;

• Steps in the sales process;

• Follow-up practices;

• Profitable showroom sales; and

• Design SMART professional and personal goals.


Additionally, this course has been updated so learners can take the course on mobile and tablet devices.

“Essentials of Profitable Showroom Sales” is part of the Essentials series. For more information and to order, visit or call 630-467-0000.