ASA University recently updated of one of its many Essentials-branded courses, the “Essentials of Profitable Purchasing and Inventory Management.” The newly revised course is available both online via ASA-U and also available for purchase in book format.

This audiovisual course has been updated to provide critical updates to the information contained within the course and has undergone a complete revamp in design. A description of supply-chain issues impacting supply houses and purchasing and inventory managers now is included, namely alternate channels of distribution (such as e-commerce sellers or omni-channel distributors such as Amazon Business). Additionally, discussion of Internet-of-Things-enabled devices is covered within the context of how and when to purchase, stock and manage these products given frequent and disruptive advances in technology.

Another update to this course is an entirely revamped visual design, allowing for a more streamlined and functional experience for the user. The new interface boasts clear, crisp graphics along with more opportunities for learner engagement with several interactive elements throughout. A transcript now accompanies each module, allowing the user to read along with the presentation. An integrated search feature also allows users to search for terms within the course that are of specific interest; users also may exit the course at any time and progress will automatically be bookmarked.

The online course is divided into modules, each concluding with a post-test quiz designed to test the knowledge of a particular module. At the conclusion, users gain access to a final exam, which will provide access to a certificate of completion once successfully passed.

“Essentials of Profitable Purchasing and Inventory Management” is part of the Essentials Series available from ASA-U. For more information and to order, visit or call 630-467-0000.