Anaheim, Calif.-based Express Pipe & Supply co-founder and President Greg Boiko has retired. Boiko helped grow the Express business to more than $100 million in just over 20 years, MORSCO CEO Chip Hornsby told company associates in a note that was provided to Supply House Times.

Boiko became part of MORSCO’s senior management team in 2012 and continued to grow and expand Express through same-store sales, new locations and the acquisition of Teal Pipe, Hornsby explained.  Boiko, Hornsby explained, is retiring early due to health issues.

“Greg’s contribution to all us at MORSCO already is greatly missed,” Hornsby wrote in the company announcement. “However, he will always continue to be part of our team. Though Greg will not be involved with us on a daily basis, many of us will continue to seek his advice and guidance as I recently did while in Southern California. During that visit, Greg expressed his gratitude for his customers, associates, vendors and reps. Greg is one of the greatest men I have been associated with throughout my many decades in the industry.”