I am extremely honored and humbled by the vote of confidence that fellow members have expressed by selecting me as the 48th national president of this great association. 

I would like to thank my wife, Cheryl, my family and my key management team for supporting me as I look forward to serving our industry in the coming year. I am committed to taking the assignment seriously and giving 100% in the spirit of keeping this great association moving forward.

You heard 2016 ASA President Tim Milford (Milford Supply) talk about the great things ASA accomplished over the last 12 months that resulted in another remarkable year for our association. But just like your business and mine, ASA never will be satisfied with the status quo or resting on our laurels.  ASA has a long-range strategic plan that keeps us looking to the horizon and allows us to identify the next challenge. As I look to my year as president, I’m reminded of three key questions that guide us as industry leaders. 

  • How will you be more profitable as you deliver world-class distribution and operational excellence?

  • How will you attract, train and, most importantly, retain a labor force in a shrinking labor pool and make them the best trained and the most professional in the industry?

  • How will your company stand out as a distributor, a manufacturer or a rep so you are the preferred choice and your customers see the unique value you provide?

These are large questions that ASA leadership focuses on as we create the programs and services to expand your ability, your profitability, your viability and your chances to succeed in today’s business climate.

I would like to challenge all my fellow distributor members to become “All In.” Many of you know I am a huge Cleveland sports fan and for the first time since I was two years old, Cleveland actually brought home a championship last year. The theme for the Cavs was “All In.” You, too, should become “All In.”  What do I mean?

ASA offers six primary tools, resources and events that can help justify your membership and give you an opportunity to advance your business and our industry. Become “All In” by:


  • Attending NETWORK2017 in Nashville, Tenn.;

  • Participating in the annual Operating Performance Report (OPR) — a great financial grading and standing report that comes from your P&L;

  • Participating in the Business Intelligence reports, i.e. the Monthly Pulse;

  • Participating in ASA University’s educational courses;

  • Participating in advocacy by attending a Washington fly-in; and

  • Participating in at least one of our regional workshops, councils or special-interest ASA events.


These are just six of the key benefits ASA offers you as a member. This year, I challenge you and your company to look at these valuable benefits and assess your participation. If you’re not actively involved in one or more, I strongly encourage you to become so. In the spirit of “All In,” I’d like to ask you to make a commitment to ASA. You will be rewarded because of it. A couple months ago, the ASA staff posted a video of me speaking to the value of our benchmarking reports. I encourage you to look at that video.

ASA is a superb association. It’s one that is absolutely opposing the association trends of declining membership, declining enrollment and declining value. At ASA, we’re absolutely running the opposite trend. Our membership numbers continue to climb for the fifth consecutive year. Our association networking meetings are gaining attendance, excitement and buzz. We are expanding our programs and services to better serve you.

There’s no question ASA is gaining momentum each year. So let’s work together in 2017 to keep that momentum going and be rewarded at the end of the year just like LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers by being “All In.”

Look at the valuable benefits and assess your participation in ASA.