Puncture-proof tires are the newest addition to General Pipe Cleaners’ Jet Set water jets. The line of gas-powered jets allows drain-cleaning and maintenance professionals to quickly clear grease, sand, sludge, ice and other soft stoppages from 4” to 8” drain lines. The new “flat-free” foam core tires come standard on the JM-2900, JM-3000, JM-3055 and JM-3080 models, which sport electric-start engines, tubular frames and hose-reel capacity ranges from 200’ for the JM-2900 to 300’ in the three other models. Output varies from 300 psi at 4 gpm for the JM-2900 unit to 3,000 psi at 8 gpm for the JM 3080 model. A thermal relief valve protects the pump from heat damage.

General Pipe Cleaners. www.drainbrain.com/jets