Ever since we created UnleashWD, the only innovation summit for distributors, innovation has become a priority
for distributors. 

But why innovate? What are we innovating for? And, who is at the epicenter of our innovation efforts.

Let’s begin with our definition of innovation, which is: To lead customers to a better future, for which they are willing and capable of rewarding you.

You are not innovating for the shareholders, the engineers or even your suppliers. As innovators we must put the customer first with everything that we do. Beyond a customer centricity, innovators have an obsession with
uncovering unmet needs, desires, and pains of their customers. They then innovate new solutions to help the customer create a better, more vibrant and more profitable future.

You Can Do This

At your next leadership meeting ask your leadership team, “What are we innovating for?” If the answers focus primarily on you (i.e. generate profit, differentiate ourselves) lead the team to understand that it is your customer that all innovation is for.