In May, the ASA Women in Industry Division sponsored a social media webinar presented by Ashley Petersen, the new media specialist for NIBCO. Petersen highlighted the pros and cons of using social media in the context of networking as a female professional, shared ways to make meaningful connections with other influential women and business associates, and discussed how to open accounts and begin utilizing the easier-than-ever social media tools that are connecting professional women all across the globe.

Petersen explained, “Social media changes everything in our lives, whether you are on it daily or not. How we get news, how we do business, how we meet and stay in touch with people, what we reveal, what we can influence, and how we communicate are all things done through social media. Social media creates a collaborative environment where you can become an industry thought leader. There is so much social media can do to help further your career, so get started today building your own network!” Access the archived webinar and find more information on the ASA Women in Industry Division at