It’s hard to believe but in less than a year we’ll have sworn in a new president of the United States and the media will move on to tracking his or her “first 100 days.” It seems every four years we’re told this is the most important election of our lifetime. It’s been proven that employees view their employers and supervisors as very influential when it comes to politics and public policy.

A lesser-known, but equally as important focus, is our nation’s highest court. Arguably not the most exciting topic to discuss with your employees, but do you realize that on the day our next president is inaugurated there will be three Supreme Court justices over the age of 80? As certain as we all are to die and pay taxes, the next president will be guaranteed to name at least two, maybe more, justices to the high court. We’re all more aware of the balance of the Supreme Court now that it is left to a 4-4 split following the untimely death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Although often forgotten, the makeup of the Supreme Court could have a tremendous impact on how you do business. From overturning burdensome decisions by the National Labor Relations Board to standing up to the EPA’s runaway regulations, many times the high court is our last stand. Who our next president is will have a big impact on how that court is shaped for arguably the next quarter-century.

Now is the time to talk to your employees and engage them on issues important to you. You don’t have to tell them who to vote for or against — that would be wrong. But discussing with them how government impacts your business and thus the opportunities you can provide them as the company grows or shrinks is worthy of their attention and yours.

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